The well-being of our Communities and the entire human race lies greatly on our children’s ability to be creative as we are constantly faced by challenges such as unemployment, climate change mass extinctions, wars and community and racial discord. Governments and non-Government Organizations seek ground-breaking solutions every day. Research Indicates that a child who is exposed to the arts acquires a special ability to think creatively, discover, innovate and be original. As a country we need such future adults.

About the founder

The project was founded by Tsabi 0xforlane Mhlanga in 2001 after her return from London where her parents were diplomats when she realized the urgent need to bridge the gap between rural and urban schools in her community especially when it came to the quality of education in the arts.

Tsabi a self-taught artist and hand crafter while in Nairobi-Kenya and London-England where she acquired a Degree in Hotel Management and a Higher National Diploma in Customer Relations Management worked in prestigious hotels holding middle and senior management positions.

Her love for children’s well- being world over motivated her to empower children in her community to discover their creative capacity to help lessen poverty thus reducing crime rate among other issues.

She holds several awards from her various fields of work including two recent ones being:

1. Entrepreneur of the Year Award winner for art and craft 2016/2017

2. A seed fund winner in Art and craft under the Swaziland Fair Trade (SWIFT) where she is a member

When she lost her job as a customer service executive, it was a blessing in disguise as she turned her art and craft hobby/gift into business which she currently runs from home. It also gave her more time to concentrate on her passion - helping children. On weekends, she, with other two ladies, voluntarily teach creativity skills to 30 children in her community while she continues to be a Freelance Customer Service Consultant.